Sat, 08 Oct 2022 23:05:12 JST (360d)
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・Add Curtains and Long Curtains.
・Add some new blockstates to TATAMIs.
・Add new blockstate to ZABUTONs.
・Add First Aid Kit.
・I rewrote some textures.
・I rewrote the code in some blocks.
・I rewrote some items in the localization files.
・Changed to be able to get Craft Orders from abandoned_mineshaft.
・(in 1.12.2) Changed to be able to get Craft Orders or Admiral Stamp from abandoned_mineshaft.

・In the config, I prepare a [true] setting where chestnuts fall from autumn leaves and a [false] setting where chestnuts are placed when the autumn biome is generated.
・I've fixed some other version mistakes that I noticed while creating version 1.18.2.

・Changed Bamboo shoots to grow on Grass and Dirt.
・Added uk_ua (Українська).
・(In 1.12.2) Fixed bugs in Tea Plant and Grape Tree.

・21 projectile entities were removed and consolidated into 7 entities.
・Bamboo shoots were added to the Cherrybiome.
・Autumn Oak has changed to drop Chestnuts.
・With the iron KUMADE, you can get Common Orient Clams on the Beach.
・Added dishes : Bento, Dishes using Chestnuts, Bamboo shoots, and Clams as materials.
・Changed the Admiral Stamp_item from Item to Itemblock.
・Add new armor : AKATSUKI, FUSOU, NAGATO
・Add new weapon : Anchor, 41.0cm Naval Gun (1.16.5, 1.15.2)
・Changed the value of tintindex to a smaller value.
・Changed the collision of the Aquaculture Net. To reduce fish escape.
・Fixed the code for the wake blocks created by boots reform. (1.16.5)

・Fixed problems in 6.0.1.
・I am changing the Config, so please delete your old Config.
・Added SHIKKUI Wall, NAMAKO Wall, SHIKKUI Arrowslit and Wall Roof.
・Added Cast Net, Raw Squid and KAISEN-DON.
・Added MAKIBISHI, Battle report, Written book and Snowman.
・Added Fish Trap and Aquaculture Net in 1.15.2 version and 1.16.5 version.
・Added a mechanism to strengthen weapons according to the level.

・I am changing the Config, so please delete your old Config.
・I deleted Wood + SHIKKUI blocks and added Half Pillar + SHIKKUI slab blocks.
・I added the following blocks.
Button(Cherry, Acer, Ginkgo, Bamboo)
Pressure plate(Cherry, Acer, Ginkgo, Bamboo)
Trapdoor(Cherry, Acer, Ginkgo, Bamboo)
MIZUOKE(wooden bucket), Salt pond, WADAIKO
・I added the following items.
Paintbrush, KUMADE, Chisel
・I added story and recipe advancements.
・Zombies drop a Craft order.
・Get an Admiral Stamp from the shipwreck's chest.

・The first file of ChinjufuMod created for MC 1.15.2.
・For 1.12.2, I will create it from now on. (Dec 29, 2020)

・I have confirmed the operation with forge-1.12.2-2854.
・You can also use a one dish meal and a drink without placing it.
・Added crops and seasonings to the ore dictionary.
・Fixed some localization mistakes.
・Fixed/changed some item models.
・Adjusted additional benefits of one dish meals and drinks.