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*落ち葉 Fallen leaves [#a4857c81]
楓バイオームや銀杏バイオームの土壌として生成される&br;It is generated as soil of [[Acer]]biome and [[Ginkgo]]biome.
**落ち葉 Fallen leaves [#pfe0e4f5]
枯れ葉のカーペット + 草ブロック&br;Autumn oak carpet + Grass
枯れ葉のカーペット + 草ブロック&br;[[Autumn_oak]] carpet + Grass
**落ち葉について About Fallen leaves [#m9ed7f79]
&br;・It changes to Dirt bby right click.
・The Dirt surrounded by Fallen leaves changes to Fallen leaves with the passage of time.
・It changes to the Grass Path by using a shovel.