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*チャノキ Tea plant [#racad681]
**チャノキ Tea plant [#l1c36240]
粗い土などに植えると、4段階まで成長する&br;If you plant the sapling in Coarse Dirt, it grows up to 4 stages.
&br;成長しきったら、茶葉を収穫できる&br;Once it has grown, you can harvest 4 tea leaves.
&br;成長しきったら、茶葉を収穫できる&br;Once it has grown, you can harvest tea leaves.
&br;収穫後は第3段階に戻る&br;After harvesting, it returns to the 3rd stage.
**チャノキの増やし方 How to increase Tea plant [#qf30630e]
第4段階だと、壊した時に苗木を2本ドロップする&br;The 4th stage, you get 2 saplings by breaking it.